A Guide to Skincare for Men: The Basics

It’s not just the female members of the population that would benefit from a daily skincare regime. Although many choose not to admit it, the male of the species can be a little partial to skincare products too, even if they do gather dust at the back of the bathroom cabinet.

If you are a bloke or you know one who wants to implement a simple skincare routine, but have no idea about where to start when it comes to what skin care products to buy, here’s a quick guide on what all that terminology actually means.


Cleansers aid in the removal of excess oils and dirt from your skin. Make sure you use a cleanser or facial wash that is suitable for your skin type, else you could risk drying it out or causing irritation. In the long term, this will age your skin and make it look less healthy than it did before.


Although unnecessary if you use a suitable facial wash, toners help by removing any excess cleanser. It also helps by refining your pores by shrinking them and contributing to smoother skin.


No matter what skin type you have, use a moisturiser. Whether it’s dry, oily, combination or as normal as you can get it, use one to promote or maintain a healthy balance of water and oil in your skin. Moisturisers are also available that include SPF to protect your skin from the sun and reduce premature ageing due to its’ harmful rays.


These are products which contain micro-granules that help to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling refreshed. Exfoliate two or three times a week. Use one suitable for your skin to avoid irritation – never use harsh scrubs if you have problem skin, it’ll only make it worse.


Use shaving gel or cream to act as a lubricant for your razor, helping to reduce the chance of redness and irritation.

On top of these basic steps of a skin care routine, there are many other products on the market that you could also use, if you don’t mind having a cupboard full of products. Serums designed for specific issues, masks to give occasional boosts and eye creams which offer the wearer a more gentle cream to reduce the dark circles are all available from most retailers. Customer service advisors will be happy to help, no matter what product you’re trying.

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