Advanced Alternatives to Liposuction

Many Cosmetic Doctors are recently utilizing non surgical procedures in order to fight topical and many consumers are recently searching for a non surgical/less painful option in order to eliminate ugly stomach fat! Probably the latest technological innovation in terms of non surgical topical fat removal is called Lipo Ex and its not exaggeration to say that this method practically beats most of the surgery involving processes of liposuction/tummy tuck.

Lipo Ex is a pretty fresh technology (though alive since 2000) and its main benefit is the fact that it can help remove visceral fat (the fat gathered around the organs and under the muscle walls) while traditional fat removal options (like liposuction) treat only the fat under the skin!

How Does Lipo Ex work?

Lipo Ex is a process that needs no needles, incisions and anesthesia for pain while it utilizes LipoTron 300, a device that emits a radio frequency that heats up fat cells (without affecting organs or skin)! The fat tissue heating leads to the release of the content of fat cells! Actually I Lipo “melts” the fat! The molecules that are released can be transported via the lymphatic system and are metabolized inside the body cells! The combination of exercise post treatment can help to effectively metabolize fat! Its amazing that there is no recovery period while the process is totally painless, without bruising/swelling or scars!

There are also a few other techniques that follow a similar procedure (like I Lipo or Lipocontrol) but the main benefit of Lipo Ex is that it can handle visceral fat! Besides for all those patients who had liposuction in the past and face lumpiness or bumpiness Lipo Ex is an ideal option to smooth out skin as fast as possible!

We need to notice that Lipo Ex can treat several body areas like neck, face, eyelids, arms, thighs, buttocks and abdomens the effective way

Studies results are amazing while showing that Lipo Ex can bring about a 30%-40% reduction of stomach fat and elimination of 10 pounds of fat!

Visceral-fat accumulation has been associated with hypertension, glucose intolerance, coronary artery disease, insulin resistance and dyslipidemia. Since visceral fat is one of the key indicators of morbidity and mortality, Dr. Lyons’ treatments to reduce this fat accumulation will improve a person’s health overall.
But how Lipo Ex Feels?
Its like a hot stone massage experience which at the same moment sculpts and slims the areas that are treated! Its not much to say that many patients sleep during a session!

So for those that wish to avoid the old/traditional/painful techniques (like liposuction or tummy tuck) you should definitely consider Lipo Ex and the results will be pretty great!

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