Can A Hormone Imbalance Prevent You From Losing Weight?

Each year, the weight loss industry rakes in billions by selling ‘miracle’ pills, shakes, and other supplements to the public. Millions of books on weight loss are sold with the promise of imparting ‘secret information that will help to melt away the pounds more quickly. Those late-night infomercials target the late-night eaters with uber-expensive exercise equipment that guarantees flat abs in no time. Unfortunately, the pills and other supplemental junk sit half-full in the back of cabinets for months. The miracle books get donated to a thrift store and the exercise equipment gets sold in next summer’s yard sale.

Does this mean that everyone who is trying to lose weight is a failure? These people struggle with unrealistic dieting and fitness goals and end up quitting because they do not see results. If there are any stunning revelations that can be gleaned from the weight loss industry, it is that diets do not always work. In many cases, they actually set people up for failure.

Many people actually manage their nutrition correctly and get the proper amount of exercise; yet, they still do not lose weight. Some of them even gain a few pounds. Such disappoints ravage people’s confidence and make them want to give up on living a healthy lifestyle.

While the situation may seem bleak, there could be an underlying cause for this lack of weight loss. The problem may be a result of a hormone imbalance. So while many overweight people are beating themselves up over their weight, it may not be their fault. Their hormones may be working against their efforts to lose weight. Weight loss and hormone therapy work together. To find out more about hormone therapy click here.

One of the main hormone imbalances that can keep weight elevated is estrogen. Even men can harbor an overload of estrogen. While our bodies naturally produce their own estrogen (women more so than men), it is also present in some of the foods we eat. Certain pesticides have estrogen-like qualities and can push the hormone level too high. Excess estrogen can cause mood swings, depression, and weight gain.

Another hormone imbalance that has received a lot of attention in the medical community is hypothyroidism. The thyroid produces hormones that help regulate our metabolism and body heat. When these levels are too low, our bodies are tired and sluggish all the time. Since our internal thermostat may be out of whack, the body is not able to burn fat as efficiently as it should.

Along with estrogen, both men and women produce testosterone (women have smaller levels). The male hormone is responsible for strength, muscle building, fat burning, and brain functioning. If people’s bodies are low in testosterone, they may lose muscle mass and increase fat cells. No amount of dieting or exercising can relieve this imbalance.

Many medical experts opine that the drop in testosterone levels may be environmental, like the elevation of estrogen. Pesticides, pollution, and unhealthy food additives have been shown to negatively affect the endocrine system. These imbalances halt weight loss and can increase obesity, depression, cardiac problems. All of these co-morbidities can be fatal if not treated.

Fortunately, there is help for weight loss and hormone therapy. Bioidentical hormone therapy has an identical molecular combination as natural hormones in our body. With proper testing, endocrinologists can pinpoint the particular hormone balance in their patients and start bioidentical hormone therapy. Unlike synthetic hormone replacement, bioidentical hormones are natural and can bring the body back into equilibrium.

Weight loss impediment due to hormone imbalance is common in people who are over 35 years old. Those who are overweight can stop blaming themselves and find the real reason for their weight problems. Bioidentical hormone therapy has successfully treated hundreds of people and resulted in better health and weight loss.

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