Dr. Kamal Patel – His Dedication towards the Noble Cause of Cancer Cure

Doctors have always been the respectable members of our society. They have always been given the position which is not any less than the god. There is famous proverb, which states that the god cannot be there to help patients all the time and thus, he created doctors.

The best example of this is Dr. Kamal Patel who has served the mankind the longest time and given the best in the medical field.


Dr. Kamal Patel is a highly qualified person who has obtained his master’s degree of science from a well-known school at Chicago known as Chicago medical school. He further obtained his bachelor’s degree from government medical college located in the southern part of Gujarat in a city called Surat of India. He graduated in the year 1986. He has been serving the mankind for last 22 years after the completion of his education. He did his internship at Mt Sinai Hospital Medical Centre. Additionally, he specializes in the family practice and adolescent medicine.

Awards and Achievements of Dr. Patel


Dr. Kamal Patel is very compassionate physician who believes in providing medical treatment to all the cancer patients and relieve them of their pain. He is now a practicing member of American centers of Cancer treatment. Prior to this, he was a head of the radiation oncology resident department. With all his hard work and sheer dedication, he earned a prestigious Rose award while serving the people of Portland.

Dr. Patel also participated in the study of Brachytherapy being conducted at the Seattle Prostate Institute, which is located in Washington. This study helped him treat all the patients of prostate cancer in the best possible manner. This is not it, as he is determined to stay at par with all the latest advancements taking place in the field of medicine. Nothing stops him from keeping himself highly skilled with newer technology and how cancer has evolved through these years.

Kamal Patel has also been honored with Health Grade Roll Award. Besides, he has got a number of appreciations for his outstanding work from many high government officials of India and America.

The kind of man Dr. Patel is

He is the man of principles and works for the betterment of the society. He is quite popular in the country for his excellent patient care and how he commutes with all cancer victims. He has never misused his powers and skills. All his customers have been satisfied with him and feel privileged to be treated by Dr. Patel for their dreadful disease.

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