Find out the Alternative Solution to get away from paying increasingly expensive healthcare costs

The medical costs in the US are dramatically increasing each year. Even for a typical family of four persons whose health benefits are supported by their employers are expected to reach $20,000 this year. This amount is something that most typical families can afford nowadays, during these times of financial crisis. Job opportunities in which a person can earn over $20,000 annually are rare, let alone opportunities for entry-level jobs. A lot of reports have cited unemployment as a top reason why many adults in the population cannot afford to protect themselves with health insurance. Indeed, the effects of the 2007 economic downturn are still felt to these days and they have become worse due to the consequences of those newly passed Acts or Bills. This is where Steven Lash through his Satori World Medical can be a lot of help.

As for employers, the said increase in medical costs may also sound bad news. In fact, the cost in 2002 was as low as $9,235, and now it climbed up to $20,000 which is also a 7 percent increase from 2011. This unwanted growth may continue annually, resulting to another 1 percent increase as the year passes by. Employers will shoulder almost the total health care expenses of their employees, but employees still have to pay a large portion of the total amount in the next years to come, according to an actuary and consulting company Milliman. This situation is seen as a long-term trend which is very unfortunate for the employers who are unwilling to experience rising benefits costs. This is one of the main reasons why most employers have now considered medical tourism as the most viable option to lessen the medical expenses of their employees. Medical tourism is a trend where a patient has to travel overseas, to a developing country, where he or she will undergo affordable yet world-class medical care.

Satori World Medical founder, Steven Lash Satori, has always been committed to leading the discovery and development of alternative ways to make healthcare and technology affordable in the US. He has worked in different health care companies in California before establishing his own company that specializes in offering customer-centered medical tourism service. People are now given another avenue where they can get a rare combination of quality care, travel and relaxing accommodation at exotic places. In addition, patients can also spare themselves from waiting too much for their treatment should they choose to visit a physician or institution in the US.

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