I Probably Hurt My Back Hiking

I had a really good time while I was up in Big Bear. This girl I have been dating invited me up there for the long holiday weekend and we did all of the stuff you would do up in the woods. We went hiking and I even got a photo of a bear. It was far enough away that I was not concerned with it. We were on a slope and it was about three hundred yards away. I did apparently hurt my back, although how I am not sure of. I found a Santa Rosa chiropractor and he did a pretty good job of straightening it out, so it was just a very minor inconvenience when you look at the big picture. I woke up one morning and my back was really stiff, but that was not a big deal to me. I knew what it was as it is not the first time that the problem has occurred.

It has happened about three or four times in the past, when I was living in Mill Creek. I had to find a chiropractor back then and I really got stressed about it too. This guy I knew was telling me something about how you could die from going to see one of them. That is quite true, but it does not happen very often and usually means that the chiropractor was trying to do something to your neck. That is really something that is a lot scarier than this, although if one of them messes up it can obviously be a very bad thing for the unlucky patient. You do not want to be that person, but it is probably something you can avoid if you take your time when you make the decision on which one to see.

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