I Was Tired of Being Tired

I was not used to feeling so run down and tired all the time. I thought that maybe I just had too much going on, but I just couldn’t shake that feeling even when things started to slow down. I was not getting good enough sleep, I was always tired, and I felt more sore than I had in a very long time. I had no idea what was wrong, but I knew I had to figure it out quickly because I just could not continue on like I had been. I ended up seeing a Sacramento chiropractic about how I was feeling after my doctor ran some tests and could not determine what was wrong with me other than a hectic lifestyle.

I really did think that it was something more than that, which is why I wanted to go to a chiropractor. The only reason I even thought to go to one was because I had been researching what could be wrong with me, and a lot of the symptoms that I was experiencing pointed toward something wrong with maybe my back. I knew that a chiropractor would be able to definitively tell me if I was right about that.

When I went to the appointment, the chiropractor did a physical exam, a medical history, and took some X-rays of my back. I did need an adjustment for my back, and I was really happy when he did it that day because I felt so much better just from that. I am not saying that I was healed after one adjustment, but I could definitely tell a difference. I went back several times for an adjustment, and I did start feeling much better. I am still going because I do not want to lose this feeling at all. I am no longer tired, and I feel really good every day again.

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