Road Bikes for an Easy Ride

City commuting is executed effortlessly by a car; however a bike may be a better choice for this trip. Walking also works for short distances, but a bike is faster, will supply plenty of exercise and doesn’t require fuel other than the riders own energy. A road bike, designed for short trips on mainly level roads, is easy to manoeuvre and many even have a beneficial rack on the back to strap small bags to. Many different manufacturers make road bikes and they can be found in a variety of styles at

The road bike does not only get a person from point A to point B without much effort, but they are very eye catching when it comes to appearance. These bikes will often resemble those from the 60’s era so individuals who love retro will easily fall for this style of bicycle. Chrome is an eye catching highlight that many road bikes possess. This shiny metal can be found on the handle bars as well as on the guards that cover the tires. If the bike comes with a rack on it this will also be made of chrome. Accessories, such as baskets, bells, headlights and tail lights can be purchased for this style of bike and the options are almost limitless. Every manufacturer will differ as far colours available, seat options and gear options. Opting for a softer, shock absorbent seat at the time of purchase will be a beneficial investment.

For easy riding, to work, school or other local events, a road bike is the perfect choice. They are light in weight, easy to manoeuvre, and stylish. These bikes can be equipped with racks, baskets, lights and bells to make commuting and bringing items along for the ride a breeze. Many manufacturers will make the gears easy to switch just in case the ride is not all flat and front hand brakes for quick stops. If these bikes are well cared for, kept out of rain and snow, they will have the ability to last for years.

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