South Korea Drives the Demand for Cosmetic Surgery

Technology has exploded in the last decade and has led to advances in every aspect of life. Part of that advance is in the field of cosmetic surgery. It now produces amazing results more safely and affordably than ever before, and people are taking advantage of this around the world. In the forefront of this trend is South Korea. An estimated one in five South Korean women has had procedures done. It has become so common that cosmetic surgery is openly talked about among celebrities and models. High school girls are often gifted with procedures for graduation. The trend shows no signs of stopping when surgeries are only becoming less invasive and more effective with time.

The most rapidly growing industry within reconstructive surgery involves noninvasive treatments. From Seoul to Brazil to Colorado plastic surgeons now offer laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, and Botox injections as a healthy part of their services and these have boomed within the last few years. Many men have also started taking advantage of these options to facial aging. More invasive procedures retain their popularity but haven’t seen the same rise as other work.

A major draw for those interested in reconstructive or cosmetic surgery is the quality of care now available. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) consists of thousands of highly trained surgeons. They maintain strict standards. Surgeons affiliated with the ASPS use some of the most advanced surgical equipment in the world and stay on the cutting edge of both technology and surgical techniques. As these procedures become ever more popular prices continue to lower. Recovery time and assumed risk has also decreased.

The results achievable through reconstructive and cosmetic surgery are amazing. Scarring has been dramatically reduced and recovery time is faster than ever. Even with the more invasive procedures modern advances mean that the surgeries are less traumatic and yield better results. More than almost anywhere else in the world, South Korea has been taking advantage of this trend in medical science for several years now.

South Korean surgeons have even tried to lure foreigners into visiting for surgery and engaging in what is called medical tourism. This is already popular in countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Thailand and even common in the US, but is something relatively new to South Korea.

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Cosmetic surgery can have a negative stigma in the United States. It is seen as shallow and self-indulgent. However, in many cases the physiological and psychological benefits are incalculable. In a society where physical appearance is constantly emphasized and body dysmorphia is prevalent, taking proactive steps to improve your sense of confidence is not unreasonable. There should be no stigma on a journey to remove flaws that are holding you back. Technology is marching onward by providing better, safer, and faster cosmetic reconstruction. Why not take advantage of it?

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