We Just Landed in Berlin

We have been on the ground here for a couple of hours and we are about to get on a bus to go to our final destination, we are not going to be here for long though. In fact we are on our way to the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. That is where the NATO alliance is having a real build up in response to Russian aggression. My wife came back from the gift shop and explained that she had gotten some wimpernserum, which she thought that I would not know what it meant, but of course I have been here before and I randomly remembered that wimpern means eyelashes. So obviously that word means eyelash serum. She was disappointed that I knew this and apparently had only bought the stuff because she thought that the word was funny to say. I let her amuse herself by saying it.

Of course the reason I am here is very serious. We are going to help install some new systems which should help these small countries keep an eye upon their frontiers. It is a little odd there to tell the truth. A lot of the people in these countries are ethnic Russians, during the Soviet era the conquerors devoted a lot of effort to colonizing the Baltic states so as to secure their hold on the place. However at the same time, none of these people are all that eager to be reunited with Mother Russia. They can look across the border in places and see how much worse off the people are in the Russian side of the frontier. They oddly admire Putin, even though they realize that the man is a dictator and many of them realize that his policies are really hurting the people on the other side of the Narva River.

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